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Pay with your Canadian Tire Bank issued Mastercard® using Android PayTM


Now you can enjoy all the benefits of your Canadian Tire Bank Issued Mastercard using Android Pay. Choose your device, add your credit cards, and you're all set to pay and collect Canadian Tire 'Money'*. Wherever you are - at a store or in an app you're ready to use Android Pay at locations like:

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  • Retailers

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  • Grocery Stores

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  • Gas Stations

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  • Restaurants

...and so much more!

Add A Card

Simply add a credit card

To add your card to Android Pay:

Android Pay comes preloaded on several devices. If your phone doesn’t have the app, simply download it from Google Play. If you already have a card in your Google account, you can simply add it to Android Pay by confirming a few details, or you can add a new card from any participating bank - it's as simple as snapping a picture. 

Pay easily and securely


Forget fumbling through your wallet and handing over a card next time you're in a store. With Android Pay, you can simply unlock your phone, place it near a contactless terminal, and you're good to go. You don't even need to open an app. Tap and pay is that fast, that easy. Tap. Pay. Collect.

And when you tap, you collect Canadian Tire 'Money'* just as you would if you were paying with your card!


Note: The merchant may have a limit on contactless payments (typically $50 or $100) so you would need your plastic card and PIN for any transaction over the limit they have set. 

Add A Card

Eligibility Requirements:

• Any Canadian Tire Bank issued Mastercard. 

• Android Pay is available on all NFC-enabled, non-rooted Android devices (KitKat 4.4+).

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