My Online Account

Convenient. Simple. Secure.

  • Track purchase transactions and payments
  • Track Canadian Tire 'Money'® balance*
  • Access personal account information 24 hrs a day/7 days a week
  • Ability to view monthly eStatements directly online, once enrolled
  • Manage and make updates to your account directly online


Get ready for an out of wallet experience.



Enrol in eStatements today and help save a tree, or two or three...

  1. Sign up for My Online Account, or log into your account.
  2. Click on 'Enrol in eStatements' and select the eStatement option.

Easy to access,
track, and store
your statements

Instant statement
delivery by email

Secure storage

Less environmental

Reduced fraud
and identity theft


Be in charge of your account notifications!

Whether you are at home or on the go, sign up to receive account notifications sent to you as a text message to your cell phone, or as an email to your computer, tablet or mobile device!

You can set up notifications that are triggered based on events, like an internet purchase or an upcoming payment date.


Mobile Payments

Use the Canadian Tire mPay & Play® app to pay at Canadian Tire stores or Apple Pay to pay anywhere with your phone!

We are happy to support both Canadian Tire mPay & Play and Apple Pay as methods for you to use your Canadian Tire Bank issued MasterCard® on your phone.